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For transportation, taxi service for Verbania & Intra and airport transfers to /from Milan Malpensa, Linate, Orio Al Serio, Turin Caselle, Verbania hotels Intra hotels and railway station or any other need and transportation / taxi from Verbania Intra to other towns: Orta San Giulio, lake Orta, Arona, Locarno, Bellagio, Como, Domodossola


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Distances and estimated travel time of transfers between Verbania and Intra and major airports in northern Italy

TRANSFER  Verbania - Malpensa      Malpensa - Verbania

Distance  KM  63     Travel time  55 minutes

TRANSFER  Verbania - Linate     Linate - Verbania

Distance  KM 120     Travel time 1 hour and 30 minutes

TRANSFER  Verbania - Orio Al Serio  Bergamo

Orio Al Serio Bergamo - Verbania

Distance  KM 142     Travel time 1 hour and 50 minutes

TRANSFER  Verbania - Torino Caselle       

Turin Caselle - Verbania

Distance  KM 154      Travel time 1 hour and 40 minutes

TRANSFER  Verbania - Verona      Verona - Verbania

Distance  KM 255     Travel time  2 hours and 50 minutes

TRANSFER  Verbania - Orta San Giulio    

Orta San Giulio - Verbania

Distance   KM   26     Travel time  30 minutes

TRANSFER  Verbania - Milan     Milan - Verbania

Distance   KM 103    Travel time  1 hour and 30 minutes


Verbania is the largest town on lake Maggiore ( as far as the big Italian part is concerned). Its names comes from the ancient name of lake Maggiore (Verbanus in latin, Verbano in Italian). Its nice location just by the lake at the foot of Monterosso, makes Verbania a very pleasant town. Verbania is formed by four distinct areas: Pallanza, Intra, suna and Fondotoce. In Verbania are many hotels and the boat station to get to the famous Borromeo islands. In Intra is also the ferry boat station providing a regular ferry service linking the western shore of lake Maggiore to the eastern shore, including car and bus transport.

The famous Villa Taranto gardens, among the largest in Europe, are located in Verbania.

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